Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cottage Sweet Cottage

After two long years, have my own home again.  One year in an apartment and one year in a rental house was enough for me.  God has truly blessed me with this cottage.  His timing is perfect, and getting this precious cottage when I did was no different.

After several months of looking at houses, I am in a dream cottage! 
I had looked online almost every day until it got close to July when I'd be able to buy a home.  Around June, I began to go see homes with my realtor.  My cottage came on the market before I was able to buy and was pending one week after it was placed on the market.  However, I just knew this was my house.  As July approached, after looking at a few homes in person, the cottage came back on the market due to the people's finance falling through. 

I will remember the day I first saw my cottage in person for the first time.  I literally squealed as I walked into the place.  I KNEW it was mine...and it WAS!I thank God for opening and shutting doors as He saw fit....because now, I have the perfect home for my two pups and me!

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Counting my Cottage Blessings,