Friday, January 12, 2018

A Sweet Writing Desk & Feminine Touches

I am a girly-girl.  There is no doubt in that!  I love pink, lace, ruffles, and frills.  However, that's not my decorating style.  But in my bedroom, I have many feminine touches.  Today, I'm sharing my writing desk.  Everything here makes me smile and happy!

This little corner in the master bedroom is the perfect little feminine nook that I need to feed the need for pink and frills.
I found the perfect little white photo stand for a picture of my precious grangirl.

Sweet pincushions and a lovely lady's head ($1 deal at a yard sale) add the perfect touch atop some lovely books about love.
It's a great spot for doing my Bible study.

You have to have something with your initial in your space...right?  Right.
My mother's music box and these sweet pink roses in a blue mason jar makes me happy, happy, happy!
This little book from my son and his girlfriend called "When God Thinks Of You He Smiles" makes me smile!
I just love my little writing desk and its feminine touches!
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  1. This is perfect! I love the little vintage pieces and the feminine touches that say YOU! I wish I had a little space. Well, I do have our tiny den because hubby likes to watch TV in another room. I do my work there but there isn't much space like some have for crafts, etc. But its fine for me, and this is for you!

    Take care!