Monday, September 7, 2015


Most everyone that meets me says I smile a lot...and I think I do.  However, the last few months were more tears than smiles on a daily basis...but I am moving past that!  I'm smiling more again these days, and getting closer back to me.  So I thought I'd start each Monday with a SMILE...listing 5 things around my cottage that makes me grin from ear-to-ear...Actually this first time, I'm going to use the letters that spell out here goes my first SMILE Monday...

I've shared before all the signs that I have around my home.  These little inspirational words, quotes, etc. make me smile every day!

Nothing says "yesteryear" quite like the milk bottle.  While I can't personally recall the era of the milkman, I do remember seeing it in classic television programs that I grew up with.  Collecting these vintage bottles is one way to keep this era alive though.  I adore the ones that are embossed!

I have always loved colored glass...of any type.  My Dad was a collector of these glass insulators, and he and my mom brought me some of these several years ago after I made a purchase of a couple of these colored glass goodies.  I adore them...and how they adorn the stairs up to the bedrooms.  While the clear and turquoise color fits perfectly into my decor, I long to find an amber or purple insulator on one of my "junk jaunts" someday :) 

...and LOTS of it!
I am definitely a girly-girl and adore lace and ruffles all all kinds!
Doilies can be found all around my cottage!

My beautiful baby girl!

What makes YOU 

Please come and 

Cottage Blessings,

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