Saturday, January 30, 2016

More...More...AND Even MORE!

I LOVE decorating magazines!  I have some as far back as 1980's when I first married.  I still buy them today, but also acquire them from my BFF when she finishes with them.  So I guess it would be true that I'd run out of places to keep them....Well my old ones are still boxed up from my move to Chippy White Cottage, but my newest ones are always close by...Wanna see???
Eventually you can run out of room for your magazines and have to get creative....Like using an old watering can such as this....

And even an old scoop can house some mags on a coffee table...

But there is always the classic "magazine/book rack"...
The "robin's egg blue" magazine rack is perfect on this door.
With a creamy coat of paint, this vintage book/magazine table is perfect for some of my Princess Diana books.

So....tell me about where you keep your magazines and books...
Cottage Blessings and Happy Reading, 


  1. Hi, I've never collected magazines but both George and I have SCADS of books... We are beginning to think about getting rid of some of them (and giving them to the library for others to enjoy). It's hard to get rid of special things ---but as I get older, I truly don't want my kids to have to get rid of so much STUFF....

    You have many creative ways to display your decorating magazines.


  2. Well, admittedly, I too have some older magazines! I have some in baskets and stackable boxes.... And stacked up next to my chaise.... They are fun to look in- like an old friend!

  3. I do too love decorating magazines and have to much to handle, but I hate to part with them as I always love to look back at the old ones. I have some in the bathroom even, lol..
    I love your wall magazine holder, it's awesome!

  4. I like the scoop one SO much! Definitely a conversation starter. :)


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