Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Going On Safari

How would you like to see THIS coming in your car window???  
Yeah, this is what nightmares are made of!  Bwahahahaa...

NOT Really!  It was a GREAT adventure!  Let me tell you about it...

I am a huge animal lover...and going on a safari sounded like fun to me!  And when it's practically in your own backyard (an hour away) then you go...and you take your grangirl!
After spending a wonderful day in Hunstville, Alabama (I'll tell of that adventure in the near future) we decided to end the day at the Harmony Safari Park.  To say it is off the beaten path is an understatement, but my trusty GPS led us right to the gates!  As we entered, there were clearly marked signs everywhere to lead you up to where you need to buy tickets and animal food.  I bought two tubs of food (one for the each of us) and we began our adventure.

I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting but what we experienced was so much fun and a little scary at times!  Once you get inside, you choose how far to put your windows down and how to feed the animals.  You can see in my pictures that both my grangirl and myself eventually got a little brave to actual pour the food into their mouths instead of throwing it out on the ground as we had done when we first got there.
I have to say the emus were a bit aggressive, but we came back with all fingers and faces intact!  There were a few "close calls" I suppose.  Do you see the picture (on the right) of what appears to be a big brown eye and a beak?  Well, yeah....that is an emu's face and what appears to be a steering wheel behind him...well, yeah...that's exactly what that was..and I was sitting behind that steering wheel!!!!  YIKES!

As you go through the park, the animals rush right up to you in hopes that you have food...and we did!  We even went back to get more food!  You can drive around as many times as you want!  There are some animals like the camel and giraffe that are in their own cage instead of having free roam of the place like most do.  There are some of the bigger animals that decide they are going to stand right in front of the car and not let you move!  Watch out for horns...and tongues!  On both accounts some are really HUGE!  Be prepared to give your car a good washing (inside and out) because the animals love to lick your windows and lots of food ends up stuck in windows and even in your seats!

So if getting up close and personal with the animals isn't your thing, you can still drive through the park with your windows up.  When they find out you don't have food, they just move on to the next car that does.  If you don't want to take a chance on your vehicle getting scratching or messed up, you can rent one of their vehicles. Any way you choose, it is a really fun outing...and we screamed and laughed so hard!!!  It was GREAT! 

After you are finished riding around, then you have the option to park, get out, and see other animals that aren't as aggressive!  There are sweet little pigs, donkeys, tortoises, as well as, a reptile house, and monkey kangaroo areas!   There is a tortoise (top right pic) named Grandpa Kelley..and he is 108 years old!  You can buy tortoise food and get free popcorn to feed the piggies.
The Harmony Safari Park was the perfect end to our day in Huntsville!  The hour long ride home was full of more giggles as we talked about the adventures at the safari park!

If you are ever in the area, that is a fun outing for everyone!!!

Check out the website here!
And I'll leave you with my FAVORITE pic again....
my grangirl's not so much.  She did not care for the emus!!!!

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  1. Wow.... that Ostrich face really gave me the scare.

  2. Wow I can see how that Emu might be a tad intimidating and downright scary for some, but I'm with you brilliant photo - love it!
    Wren x

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