Monday, October 12, 2015

Something To SMILE About

It's been a few weeks since I blogged for SMILE Monday...
So here goes...

I don't really collect salt and pepper shakers...but Salty and Peppy were too cute to pass up!!  I found these years ago at an antique mall while on vacation.  They are still making me smile today!


This music box belonged to my mother.  My daddy gave it to her when they were first married.

As a child, I would sit in my mom's bed and play this over and over.  Even though it still plays a bit, I don't need to wind it to hear the music.  I can hear it just thinking about it!

One day I casually mentioned to my mom that this music box was always special to me.  She said, "Take it!  I want you to have it!"  I argued that I didn't feel right taking it now...but she wouldn't hear to anything but me taking it then. I'm so thankful to have it! Both of my parents are no longer here. I will treasure it always!!

These are the most precious words to me!

I love my the moon and back!!!

Light from lamps give a room such a cozy, homey feel.

The soft glow can really set the mood!


You should have known my "E" would be for Emmy...

She makes me SMILE even on the worst day!
Oh how I love this sweet girl!!!

Sooooo....what's making you 

Cottage Blessings,

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