Monday, October 19, 2015

Sweet Smiles....It's Monday!

First day back from a two week fall break....And I needed a smile to get me going.  
So....Let's see what's around the cottage today that makes me smile!

Foot STOOLS...
Come in and sit for a while....put your feet up on one of my new foot stool/ottomans...
I found these twins at Ross when on my fall break vacay...for $14 each!  A perfect fit for my cottage...and extra storage, at that!  SCORE on the foot STOOLS!


I love this mantel!  It was given to me by a sweet friend several years ago...and the perfect backdrop for seasonal decor that makes my cottage so homey! 

A MUST for any fall vignette!  Here the cute corn fits perfectly in a little jack-o-lantern vase surrounded by tin candy corn!  Adorable!

OMG I could share lots and lots of pictures of lovelies around the cottage...but here's what I've chosen to share in this blog...
This little lovely is my beautiful grangirl!  Every year, I give her a sweet little birthday angel...This year she turned 6!  She is old enough now to know that this is a yearly tradition.  She looks forward to it each year now!
I love these "Josef Originals" figurines.  I am keeping them at my house for right now, but one day, this collection will be hers to keep and display as she wishes!

These are the others in her collection right now.  They are on display in "her bedroom" here at Chippy White Cottage.  I let her decide this year if she wanted to start keeping them at her house or still at mine....She said she wanted me to still keep them for now.  I am SO glad she loves these little angels as much as I do!  And I am SO thankful these sweet figurines go up until the age 21...and I think a wedding one, as well.  I love searching for the next one for her now I'm on the lookout for her 7th one for next October!


Would you expect anything else???  LOL
Gosh, I love this sweet pup more than you can ever know! 
She is definitely healing my heart!

So, what's making you SMILE this week???

Cottage Blessings,


  1. Love your pup! They sure do hold huge parts of our hearts, don't they? My mother gave my daughter a birthday doll every year up to 21 and she still has them. Now that she has a daughter of her own they can come out again!

  2. I love the Josef original figurines. It brings back memories of being a little girl!


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