Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Counting Down

Christmas Break....I love it!  Just like most everyone else, I'm counting down the days until Christmas!  For me thought, it's probably one more day than your count...I will celebrate Christmas Day with my sweet Emmy but "my" Christmas will be when my children and grangirl arrive on the 26th.  Spending time with them is all I need...all I want!  So as I count down these last 4 days...3 for you...I am enjoying the slow pace around the cottage, as presents are already bought...just need to do some wrapping...most of the food is bought...just need to make some goodies.

 So with my Christmas music, twinkling lights, a crackling fire, and peppermint mocha to sip...I'm counting down the days until I'm truly in my "happy place" (with my kids!!!!)

Christmas Cottage Blessings,

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