Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wine A Bit...

I love the sign in the window at the Lynchburg Winery... "Wine a bit...you'll feel better."  LOL  So, Lynchburg, TN isn't just for Jack Daniels anymore!  The wine from this new place is wonderful!  When they announced their new Blackberry wine, I knew I wanted some!  But soon after, they posted, "SOLD OUT!"  I was SO bummed!

Imagine my surprise when I received this as a Christmas gift from my kids!
It was wonderful!  I can't wait to visit the winery myself.  I've heard only great things about it.  
So, while Lynchburg is known for it's JD, know that you can get a good wine here, as well, if you aren't looking for something as hard.  It's located on the square.  You can't miss it...and...You'll be pleased!

Wine On...
Cottage Blessings,

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