Monday, February 22, 2016

Chippy Shabby....and...A Dilemma!

While most women dream of expensive jewelry, designer clothes, tons of shoes...I dream of
If it has peeling paint....I'm overjoyed...
And if it happens to be white peeling paint....I'm ecstatic.

I do adore the contrast of the peeling paint on this old door and the dainty millinery flowers on this lovely vintage hat!
So's the dilemma...
I do love painted furniture and decor...but I adore an original piece untouched...
I can't decide whether to paint my old milk can or leave it be. says "Property of  US Army" on it!
So....give me your thoughts on what you'd do....but also tell me WHY you would...

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Cottage Blessings,


  1. We all have different taste, but I like to keep things I really like in their original form. It tends to take away the importance of it. Just not the same.

  2. I tend to agree...some things are best left perfect in their original state.

  3. I don't think there is a wrong answer. I would like it both ways. If I wanted a to keep the palate white I'd paint it. You could always add a some white to soften it, a belt of cream colored burlap, a linen napkin peeking out, some baby's breath poof-ing out of it.

  4. I like what LV has already said here. I like to leave things as is when i've bought them. And I love to play with shabby chic looks.
    Do you like scrapbook supplies or altered book design or making handmade cards, etc.?
    If your answer is "Yes," I supply the public for free at my blog. Lots of shabby chic stuff there today, some of it fairly recent. Stop on by!

  5. I would probably leave it be the way it is. Just put some tall white flowers inside to complement the door.


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