Thursday, March 3, 2016

Just About Pretty Darn Perfect...

If you know me...then you would think of these words immediately...
Peachy Pink and Aqua
So when I saw this on my friend's Facebook page, and read more about it....I KNEW it was for me!  Now, let me tell you....I am NOT a ANY means!  I feel like I'm putting people on the spot or putting them out or would bother them to even try to sell anything to anyone!
However, when I saw this line of jewelry...I "spoke" to me... I connected with it like nothing else...I KNEW I wanted to be a part of it...So....
I PM'd my friend and inquired....there was NO pressure, just HELP in answering my questions...NO asking if I would sell it...Just HELPFUL and INFORMATIVE.  I knew then that this was for me!
I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about PLUNDER!  I'm almost giddy!  I just joined and can't wait until my kit arrives!  I posted on FB about my new venture, and within a couple of hours, I had so many people telling me how they loved the jewelry line, how interested they were in finding out about it, if they could order online, and could they book a party!  OMG....All I did was post that it was my new venture!
I'm telling ya....this jewelry sells itself!  It is vintage-y sweet and so affordable!  
And when one piece has the same name as your take it as a sign that you MUST have it!  LOL
For me, It.Is.Perfect.  If you decide to take a peek and need any help, just ask.  

I'm linking to PINK SATURDAY!

Cottage Blessings,


  1. It looks very interesting.

  2. Oh my goodness GORGEOUSNESS!!!!
    Love it Rebecca & I can see how you are attracted to it.


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