Monday, June 13, 2016

All Moved In...

Ok, I said I wasn't going to do know, the disappearing act...Ha!  But I did.  Eeeek!  Things got crazy busy in the spring getting ready for state testing...only to have it called off ( Yes!  I said CALLED in NONE...which is a FIRST...and after all the time we put into computer skills so they could drag/drop, toggle between two articles, highlight, etc. because they were expected to do it on the computer, AND the program crashed every practice day!)
Then, all of my energy had to go into MOVING....not just my regular move of furniture in my classroom, at the end of the year, but MOVING homes again!  My year's lease was up on June 1, and I chose not to renew it.  The stairs in my townhouse were taking it's toll on my knees!  Also, my Emmy Rose needed a yard.  So the moving began again!  Now Emmy has a wonderful yard (which will soon be fenced) and I have a garage again...and a covered patio!

Now that everything has been moved....and I'm off for summer...I am enjoying decorating a new home once again!  I can't wait to share more pics of my new cottage with you, so please visit again soon!  

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  1. Are you out for the summer yet? I was a teacher too and just stopped 4 years ago. :)

    1. Yes! Our last day was May 26th! I go back on July 20th though! LOL

    2. Yes! Our last day was May 26th! I go back on July 20th though! LOL


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