Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Just Like Mayberry....Sort Of...

Thanks for joining me again on my trip through quaint little towns of Tennessee.
Today, I'm going to focus on a little town called Bell Buckle.
It has such qualities of a "Mayberry" type town that you think you'll see Barney Fife running across the road and into the drugstore!  LOL  And...I happen to be blessed by living just a short distance from this small, Middle Tennessee town.
You will be SURPRISED at what this little town has to offer!!!
Let's take a look!!!

Well, of course you have to have seating and rocking chairs outside the store front!  I can just imagine some older gentlemen meeting here to play a game of checkers or chat about the weather!
Mayberry had "The Diner" but Bell Buckle has the "Bell Buckle Cafe".
Let's pop inside and see what's cooking..
"Table for two please...and could we have some sweet tea while we look over the menu?"

So what looks good to you?
Maybe some pork chops?
Ooooooh or some pulled pork bbq with potato salad, beans, and fried okra?
How about chicken salad on croissant with some veggies?
Just save room for dessert!!
Now that we got our bellies full, 
let's take a little stroll and get to shopping!

Which store should we check out first?
I've heard Phillips General Store is a MUST!
Well, HELLO!  We just want to have a look around!

Wow!  Lots of COOL old junque to look at!  Did you find anything you must have?
Let's toodle along though....there's still so much to see!

Bell Buckle has two big events every year.  Tons of people will be in town for both!
Too bad we just missed the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival.  It's always mid June.  

Sure looks like they had a lot of fun!  
We'll have to mark our calendars for next year!!
But we must come back in October for the Bell Buckle Craft Fair!

And the event is put on by the Webb Prep School....
  Something that you probably were totally NOT expecting...but YES, there REALLY is a boarding school here!

Let's mosey on and grab a cup of coffee!
Shall we sit outside on this nice day?
Well, drink up!
I want to show you some beautiful Victorian (pastel) homes!
Look at that sweet old home!  I love the sprawling porch!
Oh look at this one with the white picket fence!!

I love this one!

I think this one's my favorite!
Well, I hope you have enjoyed your little tour of Bell Buckle, Tennessee.  I'll soon have another sleepy little town to share with you!  Y'all come back now!  Ya hear??

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Bell Buckle Cafe
Phillips General Store
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  1. Bonjour from SW France, I smiled when I read that you had named your mannequins and I may just have to do the same :-)

    Thanks for the tour, the shops look very interesting and I loved the victorian houses as they are the same style as the old houses in New Zealand.
    I purchased and renovated one when I was in my early 20's and loved every minute of it. They are quite a contrast to here in SW France as all of the buildings are made from stone.
    BFN, Leeann x

    1. Oh wow! How cool to renovate a Victorian home! You'll have to let me know if you name your mannequins! BTW, mine are Emma Claire and Bella Elizabeth. :)

  2. Hi Rebecca. :)

    I'm so glad you left me a message today so I could come visit you. You said you've just returned to blogging....well, welcome back! It's so addictive that I know you must have missed it.

    We have blog linky party at my blog that starts at 5:45 CST in the morning. Hope you can link up with us. That's a fun way to meet some new people in blogland.

    I saw that you have Cherry Hill Cottage on your reading list. Love, love, love!! Tina allowed me to feature her home awhile back. Here's the link if you want to see it: http://www.poofingthepillows.com/2015/10/a-very-special-home-tour.html

    1. Oh yay! I will be sure to come by and link up! Thanks for letting me know!!!
      Yes, I've followed Cherry Hill Cottage for several years...especially when I was at "Our Back Porch". I followed you for quite some time too, I'm just trying to get thing and links moved over here. I look forward to visiting you again, and especially linking up!

      Thanks again!

  3. What a fun town. I love quaint little towns like this. Both festivals sound so fun and I love the homes that you shared! The food was pretty tasty as well. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. Thanks for sharing Bell Buckle with SYC.


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