Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Gallery Wall...New Concept?

"Gallery Walls" are all the rage...I decided that I wanted to create one in my living room.  While choosing just the right pieces, I thought to myself...this really ISN'T a new concept at all!  Off and on all my adult life, I had created something similar.  I started looking back through picture albums (you know those things that hold photos before camera phones and digital copies...lol) and I found photos of several "gallery walls" from the past.  It's kind of like in education...ideas go and come back around with new names for them....I think that's the same thing here.
Anyway, here is the beginning of my new Gallery Wall.  I'm still tweaking it because I don't have it 100% like I want it...but I'm loving the start of it.  Let me know what you think!  And tell me about a gallery wall that you have created!

So here are some sweet tips that helped me to create my Gallery Wall...
Start with your "core" pieces.  Choose what you love, and arrange them on the floor before you put onto the wall.  This allows you to move and switch until you are happy with the results.

When arranging your "core" pieces, scatter out "like items"...notice I mixed chippy white pieces with darker wood items evenly throughout.  Also, I took into consider the shape of each piece.  I didn't group all round or all square items side by side...but mixed them throughout the arrangement.
Add in cute "fillers" that mean something or "speak" to you.
Add only what you love or only what has meaning to you.  Don't get caught up in "style" of pieces.  It's OK to mix and match, as long as YOU are happy!

I hope this helps a little!  Enjoy what you use....Use what you enjoy!


  1. I love the bicycle & basket - so unique! The wall looks great!

  2. I love your gallery wall...it is so unique! Thanks for the tips, also!

  3. Beautifully done!! Thanks for stopping by Sharing Shadymont. You asked about the wire cloche. I found it in a consignment shop near where I worked in Gainesville, GA. I've been retired 5 years, so I've had it longer than that. I used to hit those stores everyday at lunch! Now my home is jam packed with my "stuff"! Love your items on your gallery wall. This is my first visit to your post. Glad to have found you. Will be following.


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