Thursday, February 22, 2018

I Heart Bunnies

I love bunnies, yes I do.  I love bunnies, how about YOU?
Even though most of my bunnies come hopping out in the spring, I have some of my bunny collection out and about my cottage the whole year through.

A few have already started to pop out and hop around the cottage already....I'm so over winter!  There is still more winter to go through...I never can remember exactly when we have blackberry winter, redbud winter, dogwood winter, etc. but I'm sure we haven't gone through them just yet.
However, our weather lately has definitely felt like spring...and it's been wonderful!  You never know day to day what you're going to get in Tennessee...but I'll sure take the nice days we can get!

Hoppy Spring, Cottage Friends!


  1. I do, too !!!! We have a lot in common. I should start now but i'm such a procrastinator!

    Jane x

  2. A Páscoa está a chegar e os coelhos são lindos. Feliz fim de semana.

  3. Your bunnies are adorable. Like you, I have bunnies throughout my tiny vintage farmhouse cottage all year long. So happy to have found your blog. Easter Blessings.