Friday, February 9, 2018

My Heart's All Aflutter...

I adore hearts and have collected many over the years.  One type of heart in particular catches my attention and totally intrigues me.  Not that I believe this inanimate object has any healing power of its own, but  I just adore these milagro hearts! They are simply stunning!

No words are really I said, they are just simply stunning!
Hearts and Blessings,


  1. Love your hearts! I also love heart and your collection is beautiful! Thank you for visiting the "Vintage Valentine" blog hop!


  2. I never realized some of the milagros hearts were so encrusted with gems and monograms. These are all gorgeous...something to look for in the future!

  3. Oh Rebecca, this is a real treasure. All of them are gorgeous, though that first one and the one with the engraving really capture my heart. What a wonderful collection.

    Thanks for stopping by Marmelade Gypsy this morning! Lovely to have you there! ~jeanie

  4. They are beautiful and you have a wonderful collection.

  5. I so agree...they are simply stunning!! Thanks so much for visiting!!

  6. Yes, they are truly stunning. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Fabulous collection I have a couple scared hearts ,wish I had as many as you have collected.
    I'm always on the lookout

  8. Wow! THese are so amazing! I have never such beautiful hearts! Thanks so much for sharing at Share The Love Link Party. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Follow The Yellow Brick Home

  9. Ohhhh, those are beautiful, so lovely! I've never known about or seen milagro hearts before and I am completely taken with them. For some reason they remind me of the Spanish Santos figures that I love. You certainly have a wonderful collection! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

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