Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Any Day Can Be Christmas

....Even if it's Valentine's Day!
I found some of the greatest treasures this week for a little of nothing.  Every day can be Christmas when you find little goodies like this!  It doesn't take much to make me happy!
Look at this box!  Plain and simple, right???
OMG!!!  You can't even imagine what lies within!
Something so fragile...beautiful....delicately sweet...
Take a look and see why I squealed with delight when finding these!

Are those not the loveliest things ever!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????
Can you hear me STILL squealing with delight???
Let's take a closer look.....
It does not matter what time of year...when you find some vintage Christmas ornaments at a great price, you better snatch them!  That's just what I did!  It's crazy how giddy something like this can make me!  Can you see me smiling from where you're at?  Well, I am!
I have searched for years for some of these! 
The colors are just positively perfectly vintage!
I adore this heart!  And look at the raspberry one!
Ohhhhh....my heart's a flutter!  lol
I am over the moon with this find....that cost me a....
OMG...I'm squealing AGAIN!!!

Ok....I've got my composure now so let's move on....
I adore vintage millinery flowers....and sweet vintage hats are a great place
to start looking...
I now have two more black velvet hats with wonderful flowers
to add to my collection...
Look a little closer at the sweet little flowers and beads...
And yes....
these precious millinery flowers make me squeal, as well!
Look at that sweet netting over them!

And who couldn't use another clock....
even if it doesn't work!
Can't beat the price either.....FREE!!!!
And this was what caught my eye first!
I have been wanting a vintage wooden ironing board for years....
So imagine my giddiness when I spotted this little gem for ONLY $10!!!
And a shabby red vintage iron is a MUST....even if it's a child's iron!

Yup....even if it's Valentine's Day...it still seems like Christmas!
Happy Valentine's Day, my friends!
I don't mean to just pass this day up...but it's how I'm handling what would have
been my 30th wedding anniversary.  There is a reason for every season....so I can
smile on that day thirty years ago....God surely can heal a broken heart! 
I have the ultimate love...
so it is all good!  Praise God!

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  1. A most enjoyable back in time feature. I have so much vintage thighs, but gave my ornaments away years ago. Old saying, if you keep something long enough it comes back in style.

  2. Awwwww....just when I get rid of things, I see new ways to use them. Thanks for stopping by!

    Many Blessings!

  3. A vintage ironing board and iron is a great find. I love the clocks too, great finds all of them. Blessings to you and Jesus does heal all hurts we get in this life when we give it all to him. Blessings to you friend.


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