Friday, February 17, 2017

Handwritten Letters... A Lost Art...

I've been into interior decorating since I was a young girl.  My taste has changed over the many years...decades...but I've always had a LOVE for OLD things!!!

Back in the late 80's when I was first married,  I subscribed to all of the country decorating magazines.  I couldn't wait for my monthly mags to show up in my mailbox...especially when it was the magazine, "Country Decorating Ideas", with it's "pen pal section"! 
I met numerous people through the pen pal section...and I couldn't have been more excited than when MY LETTER appeared in this section!!! 
I really feel that handwritten letters is a lost ART!!!  I had address books with lots of friends' addresses for just this purpose!
With being a teacher,
I am already seeing the effect of the lack of teaching cursive handwriting! 
But I digress....

Handwritten letters really meant something to me back in the day....and sometimes I long for those days!  Seeing other friends' actual handwriting, as opposed to, typed emails, posts, etc. that we don't get through social media...was something SPECIAL!  I still have a stash of stamps...stickers....special stationery and envelopes from yesteryear...
I even had a couple of pen pals that I did swap boxes with!  We would find special "goodies" on outings, antiquing, etc. to fill monthly boxes of vintage goodies that our pen pal collected.  I have such fond memories thinking, "Ooooh....this is just what she collects!"  or "Eeeekkkk!  She will love this!"  To this day, I still have many things that I received in monthly pen pal swap boxes...and they still make me smile!
(This was during my Americana stage during the years of the Gulf War.)
We even shared pictures of our home décor, flower gardens, etc.  It was fun seeing how others decorated but also gave us a good idea of what our pen pals would like in swap boxes!
Even though arthritis, in my "old age", makes it difficult at times to write a letter, I still miss being able to do so!  I LOVED my beautiful stationery...and still DO.  And I surely miss getting letters in my mailbox that were handwritten by a friend!
The plus side is that I have made some wonderful friends that way!  Now, we keep up with each other on Facebook and Twitter.....but....
I sure miss those days....and the ART of handwritten letters!
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