Sunday, February 19, 2017

Stop and Smell The Roses

I love roses...and I love the way they smell.  I especially love the meaning of this saying. Unfortunately, I don't set aside time just for doing that and nothing else! 
We all have full plates at one time or another...sometimes we can't seem to ever get those plates clean!  Many of us are multitaskers much of the time!  But stopping and putting all aside for just enjoying the things around us in important!  Even if you have to "pencil in" time for "smelling the roses" we need to do that!
I love my's comfy and cozy and full of love with my two pups!  After a long hard day, I have a wonderful leather recliner sofa to plop down on to watch a little tv. I have a nice cozy bed to snuggle up in at night! I have decorated my little cottage to my heart's desire.  I rearrange and redecorate often because that's just who I am and what I love.

But yesterday was Saturday.  Usually, it's a day for getting things done around the house.  However, I had Friday off (due to so much sickness) so I got those things done then.  That left Saturday free for I decided to turn off the television after watching a couple of movies, and just "soak in" my surroundings...really ENJOYING what my little cottage has to offer.  How many times do we do that???  For me, not very often.
So, I decided to really look closely at the things that I have chosen over the years to fill my home, and remember why I chose those pieces.  I "stopped and smelled the roses" one might say...     
Well, these roses don't have a smell but their beauty in a blue mason jar makes me smile.  Faded and tattered makes them all the more appealing!
This sweet chippy white mirror is one of three that hangs on this wall.  I sometimes look at myself in the mirror but don't really look AT the mirror.  By looking at it here in this shot, I see the wonderful chippiness that made me choose this mirror...and look what else I captured....the perfect model!  tee hee
I didn't capture a model in this one but look at that loveliness of this mirror! 
It's simply gorgeous!
This lantern is positively perfect with it's aqua color, chippy shabbiness, and MOST importantly because my grangirl picked this out for me herself...when she was just 6!
Soon it will be time for ALL of my bunnies to come out from their winter sleep, however, this little rabbit is always front and center on my coffee table all year.  She is there day after day, and I take her for granted that she'll always be here.  tee hee  Ok, all silliness aside, when I was taking this pic, I noticed again how wonderfully carved and how smooth she is...which is what made me pick her for my home to begin with!
Something as simple as a doorknob can give such character to a piece.  I remember the work and love that went into this creation that I made a year or so ago.
This sweet vignette sits atop my pie safe.  With it being so high, I don't always see it well.  That's a canvas of my precious grangirl when she was tiny.  Oh how I love those little folded hands!!!
These sweet snapshots that I took around the cottage fill me with such joy.  I am so glad that I decided to "stop and smell the roses"!
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  1. Just beautiful! I love all the chippiness you have and especially the aqua. I try to look at my home as if I were a visitor for the first time. Would I love what I saw? Yes! I do love all that I have gathered here and it is my favorite place to be. To me, that is living day by day.

  2. Thank you so much AnnMarie! It's great to just love being at home! Thanks for stopping by!

    Many Blessings!

  3. Thank you Rebecca for your beautiful visit. Love all the roses and I took time to stop and smell them all.
    Chippy is the soul of my home, or at best it's weathered with a feel of age.
    In my home I stear clear of mass production in the mass market, a flea market find suits me and my home best. I love the quietness it reflects when I enter afer a long day away.


  4. Those are great vintage roses. I was in the mood to get out my silk roses and lace and photograph too. Have a great week!

  5. this is so nice post . I'm so happy for visit here .

  6. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for stopping by my Blog and leaving such a nice comment. I'm so glad that you are back to blogging and it's good to read your posts again. I love roses and I can't wait for mine to start blooming again. I'm glad that you are happy.


  7. I too am glad that youstopped and smelled the roses and I got to enjoy all the lovely things in your home. We spend so much time making pretty things but do we ever stop and enjoy them? That is exactly what you have done. I'll just get off the computer now and "smell my roses". Pinning.


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