Thursday, December 21, 2017

Tom and Jerry

I adore Tom and Jerry!
No...I'm not talking about the cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry...although I have to admit they are pretty cute too!
I mean the 19th century Tom and Jerry Christmas drink.

I had spied the Tom and Jerry Punch Bowl set for many years...and always loved them.  However, I was not inclined to pay the prices that I had seen quoted for the set.  This past October, while on a trip to Indiana to see my sister, I came across a nice set with 8 cups.  But the price tag was what caught my eye...$14 for the set!  Whaaaa???  Of course, I made that little set MINE!  And here it is!
Next, I was off to find a Tom and Jerry recipe to fill that sweet punch bowl and cups
....and here that is too!
Feel free to snag the recipe!  ENJOY!
I'm linking up to Create, Bake, Grow and  Pink Saturday.

Christmas Cottage Blessings,

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  1. $14.00!!!!! O My!! What a buy! I too have admired these for years and they would go well in my red Kitchen!! LOVE them!


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