Monday, January 1, 2018

A Word To Live By

A new year is upon us.  Out with the old...In with the new, as they say.
Many of us, me included, start to reflect on the past year, weigh our accomplishments and failures, set new goals.  As I look back to the beginning of 2017, I read the words that I wrote...
"With a new year, comes new beginnings. Many of us make a list of things we intend to do in the new year. After my bible study time this morning, I've decided to fill my list with things that I intend to rid myself of! So I've created a list of three things that are my focus to throw out of my life...bitterness is at the top of my list. While I have come a long way in a year, I'm still holding on to some of this.... It has no place in my life, and it must be kicked to the curb!"

Did I accomplish this?  Did I fail?

Well, I'll tell ya....I have to admit I started off strong and I finished pretty strong too.  However, along the way, I struggled at times...badly.  But as I really consider where I was when I first wrote these words, and where I am now, TIME was needed to get here.  So even though I stumbled along the way...I made it to the finish line with a SCORE!!! 

So for 2018, I am choosing just a word....a...single...word...
I threw a few words around at first but then I prayed about it (because you can NEVER go wrong with that)  and the word HE gave me was....
I have to admit, at first I thought, really?  I can think of better words....Then I said, Really Rebecca???  You know better than God???  Well, duh!  So I totally embraced EMBRACE!  lol
I don't know exactly WHY this word....but I look forward as He reveals this to me....

I know that Embrace can mean....
1.  to take gladly, eagerly
2. encircle, surround, enclose
3.  to take or clasp in the arms
4.  to include, contain

So, I look forward to Embracing 2018, and what God has in store for me.
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Happy New Year Cottage Friends!


  1. Happy New Year Rebecca.. Your home is beautiful.

  2. Rebecca,
    I love your WOrd for 2018!! Great choice!! Mine is Peace!! I need some in my life!!


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