Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snow Day Project

Everyone . . . . ok, most everyone . . . . likes a Snow Day!  Am I right?  I thought so!  However when Snow Day 2 arrives, you . . . meaning I . . . . get a little stir crazy.  So let's back up a little . . . this is how it went down . . .

When we left work on Monday (an inservice day for teachers only) we anticipated the arrival of snow that night.  Ice/snow was in the forecast for Tuesday, so Monday night school was called off for the next day.  I awoke early on Tuesday morning....because teacher's like snow days too...and found there was NO snow!  I had the day off, but there was no snow.  However, reports started coming in from neighboring towns (and the town where I worked) that the snow had arrived....about an hour later, here it came in my neck of the woods.  I was like a kid, to say the least!  My pups had a ball running around the backyard and eating some snow every once in a while.  So by Tuesday night, we had a nice helping of the white stuff, and with the low temps, I knew it wouldn't go anywhere before morning.  Late evening, we got word that school was cancelled for today (Wednesday).  Ahhhh . . . . another day to sleep in, drink coffee, watch movies . . . . but when today came, I was full of energy and wanted to be more productive than yesterday . . . . So . . . . I decided to start on this book shelf that has taken a backseat since I moved in.  The previous owners used it as * shock * a bookshelf!  LOL  These shelves had a spongy-green shelf paper on them.  It was difficult to remove the residue that came from the underneath of the "paper".  All the while,  I knew the look I wanted, and I started rummaging through boxes in the garage, that haven't been unpacked yet. 
Soon . . . . it started coming together!

  I found this cute little frame (that has no glass or back).  I knew this had to get a little makeover...and so I grabbed some burlap, a rhinestone rosette, and a couple of pearl pins....and Voile'...a cute little addition to this part of the shelf!

 I have to say . . . . when it was finished, I stepped back . . . and I was happy with the results of my "bookless bookshelf"!  This day ended up being a positively perfect and productive snow day!  Now I think I'll grab another cup of coffee, sit by the window that is beside this bookshelf, and just enjoy the snow . . . and my treasures that fill these shelves.
Happy Snow Day!

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  1. You did a great job with those shelves! I really love the burlap 'rose?' you made. So cute! It feels good to knock something off the To Do list!

    Our schools give the weather alert on TV in the morning...the type that moves along the bottom of the screen. My kids used to love reading those. Back to bed they went! As I live in Northern Illinois, snow days are in abundance. Right now we have frigid temps. Do you often get snow in Tennessee? I had to look at your profile for that!


    1. Thanks, Jane! We don't get much snow in middle Tennessee. We might get one good snow each winter...and by "good" I mean only 2-3 inches. LOL Our superintendent is very talented and creative, so he makes a musical video for our closing....he started that a couple of years ago, and it's actually gotten national attention. lol

  2. Fun to see what you did with your shelves. Beautiful! I'm fascinated with the wire choches. Are they vintage?

  3. You did your shelves up wonderfully.

  4. The shelves look great and I love the little project you whipped up.

  5. Lovely things you created. So nice you had a snow day! Thanks for hosting at Home Sweet Home!

  6. I am glad you have been enjoying the snow. Your bookshelf look terrific. I like white and neutral colour in winter. htttps://

  7. great job! perfect project for a snowy day. love all the details. xo- maryjo

  8. Lots of cute treasures and they look great in your bookless book shelves. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Perfect job for a snow day, and it looks wonderful. Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks for sharing.

    This post is being featured in my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one with the most clicks".

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