Monday, January 8, 2018

For The Love Of Decorating

So when did you first get interested in home decorating?
For me I think it's always been there. I can remember paying close attention to details when creating homes for my Barbies.  I adored several 60's/70;s sitcoms for 1.  fashion and 2. home décor.  Here are some of my favs!

I dreamed of being Ann Marie (That Girl) because I adored her style for fashion, her beautiful dark hair that was so different from my own, her cute squeaky/hoarse voice, and especially her apartment....oh and she had a cute boyfriend too! 
She had it ALL in my eyes!
Then there was the Mary Tyler Moore show.
Who didn't love Mary Richards? 
Independent * Pretty * Smart * Kind
Her apartment was so cute and quaint!  I especially loved the huge windows and that cute bookcase in her sunken living room.
Petticoat Junction was definitely one of my favs.  I loved the Shady Rest Hotel...and
I always could relate to Betty Jo Bradley Elliott.  Not only are we both redheads, we both can see the potential in something that is run down and shabby! 
I adored the little cottage that she made into a cozy home for herself, Steve, and Kathy Jo!
And then there was Bewitched!
This is where my love for window seats started!
And what little girl wouldn't love Tabitha's pink bedroom?!?!
I mean, how positively precious is that!?!
What a huge impact these shows made on me when it comes to decorating.
Now, I'll get back to my original question....when was your love for decorating sparked?
I'd love to hear!

Cottage Blessings,

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  1. Rebecca,

    You have my heart! I love these shows!! I just saw a special on the Dick Van Dyke show which was filmed in color. I hated it!!! Don't change my memories. I love the Steven's house the most! :)

    Thanks so much for a great post!



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