Thursday, November 19, 2015

As a very young girl, I dreamed of decorating...I'm really not sure what sparked it in the beginning....

I grew up in a home that was very modest, nothing fancy, but everything taken care of..I did have tons of barbies, and made elaborate "homes" for them out of random things. I had parents that were creative, even though they didn't think that of daddy built us a go cart and the "contraption" and my mom was an amazing cook and seamstress! I do recall, quite fondly, "taking in" all the scenery while watching my favorite TV shows...That Girl (my fav), Bewitched, I Love Lucy, Here's Lucy (the one with her actual son and daughter), Mary Tyler Moore, One Day at a Time, Petticoat Junction, Hazel...It never really got out of my blood! As a young wife/mother, I spent weekends "junking"... I found myself drawn to anything from the past...anything with a history...and using it for different purposes than its original "use"...I STILL do that to this day! It wasn't always appreciated...but it was part of who I am! I could live in the most exquisite home ever...and I would want to add my lovely "JUNQUE"!!! lol In my late teens/early twenties, I was wanting a PIE SAFE sooooo much! I happened to mention it to the cook at the preschool where I taught. She said that she had an old one in her garage. So I asked to see it. 
Of course, my ex-husband thought I was crazy when I called him and my dad over to look it over. Basically, they both said as much!   I have to admit that it was covered in layer upon layer of paint.  And needed some repair...and lots of love...But I had a vision!  So my daddy said he would try to refinish it for me, and we hauled it to my parents' home.  Daddy took refinishing this piece as a challenge...I'll never forget the day my mom called to tell me he found OAK after stripping it! It is a real showcase for me now, and still my favorite old piece that I own!So....after this piece, I was hooked more than EVER on old/vintage stuff! 
Can you blame me??? 
I mean REALLY?!?! 

Cottage Blessings,

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