Sunday, November 22, 2015


I have been wanting an old scoop for a long time!  I found this one at the same vintage rummage sale that I blogged about yesterday...I got it for $3!!!  SCORE!!!  There are so many ways these old scoops could be used...tie some greenery and a nice bow to hang...have berries, tiny pinecones, and such spilling out...the possibilities are endless...And I know I will use this awesome scoop in many ways in the years to come...
If you have an old scoop, I'd love to hear the ways you use yours!
And not to skip over Thanksgiving....bc I LOVE Thanksgiving...How cute is this little turkey?!?!
 And this one.....LOVE the plumes!!!
 I adore pink and brown together....and it looks great on this little guy!
GORGEOUS plumes!!!
How adorable are these little bottles??  
Too stinkin' cute!
Oooooohhhh....another one for my milk bottle collection....
...and it's Sealtest!  My first one of these!
And for a teacher....a perfectly vintage pencil sharpener...which goes perfectly on my antique school desk!  And for $1...another SCORE!!!
It was a truly wonderful vintage rummage sale!  So many treasures and such wonderful prices!!!!

Cottage Blessings,

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