Sunday, November 29, 2015

We All Need a Smile on Mondays!

Mondays are hard enough...but coming off of Thanksgiving Break is the hardest!  I hope you all had plenty of family time, good food, and rest!  I'm thankful that I did!  I also had some time to decorate more for Christmas!

Now that I'm on my own....for the first time in my whole lifetime (50 years)...I will decorate with what I love...what might not be traditional...but what is truly "me"!  Not everyone "gets it" but that's ok!  I get it...and I'm who has to live with it!  My huge tree was left behind...and I am left with two smaller ones (also a pink one that is for my grangirl...but she wants to put it up when she get here...and what she says, far as Gramma is concerned!!!) 
I have to say, that I am loving my two little trees vs. my huge one...well, in all fairness, I always had the huge one AND the two little ones...but who's counting...and who cares at this point.  The results are what I want and that's all that counts!  Right?! 
So what is making you SMILE?!?!
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Happy Decorating 
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