Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Ride Through The Countryside

Even though I don't live in a big city, there is still a hustle and bustle of everyday life.  You don't have long to drive from my town to be in the countryside, whichever way that you travel.  For me, there is a sense of peace...a light if a weight (that I didn't realize was there) is lifted. 

The last three Saturdays...and 2 more to come....I have spent the afternoons driving and being in the country, as that is where the obedience trainer is located for my pups.
-the train is parallel to this road most of the way-

Most of the drive isn't unfamiliar territory, as I have traveled those roads over the years for different occasions.  However, on these Saturdays, I am traveling a much farther distance on these backroads that I have before.  Along the way, there are a ton of cool old barns...many of them the barn red that most of us would expect to see.
The houses are that of which are a typical farm style that one might also expect.  However, there is one house...that you would be quite surprised...almost shocked to see when traveling these particular backroads.  This particular house's owner is a doctor who is a quite successful and brilliant surgeon.  I'll have to try to get a picture soon to share with you.  You won't believe this monstrosity of a house!
Anyway, there are plenty of the typical farmhouses along the way...each with its own uniqueness. And on this particular drive, you travel through the sleepy little town of Normandy that has plenty of small town charm to make you giddy! 
The post office and little shops...

-the church and bed n breakfast-

This Bed-n-Breakfast, named Petticoat Junction (how perfect is that?!?)  has a focus on scrapbooking!  You can rent this place for the weekend for your bridal party group, girl's weekend, or scrapbook event.  The bedrooms in this beautiful home are amazing and so unique!  I'll save that for a future post!
I just love tiny towns like this...just a 20 min. ride can calm you and lower your blood pressure...not to mention to make you smile a little bit bigger!

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Wow!  I feel truly blessed that my blog caught Beverly's eye enough to mention me on her blog!  Thank you SO MUCH!  I love joining in on Pink Saturday, and LOVE reading everyone's post!  Thank you again, Beverly!

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  1. Thanks Rebecca for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your photos. Going for a "drive" is something my husband and I started doing when we were dating. We still love going for drives and we have been married 39 years! LOL!

    xo Dianne


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