Sunday, January 29, 2017

No Fleas Today

Today was Flea Market Day. 
My bestie and I were looking SO forward to it since it had been a while since we had been.  We couldn't go on a Saturday this month due to my pups' obedience training, so we opted for Sunday.  We've been on a Sunday before, and it just wasn't as good...i.e. picked over, booths closing early, etc.  But we were all set to go...lists of hopefuls in hand....

And then the "S" word came into matter how mild, it is still we weren't really expecting SNOW to be in the forcast....but it was!  Ugghhhh... 
Since (1) we have to travel the interstate (and some of you might remember that we were involved in a "hit-and-run" on the interstate once) to the flea market, (2) we had to leave fairly early and (3) many vendors won't set up bc a lot of it is outside....we opted OUT this time.  We were both so bummed!!!!  I know that it will be there again next month, but we were so looking forward to some fun in "Blah" January....
So...I'm not going to dwell on that anymore....I have decided to share some things that I have found at the Flea Market in the past....
So, let's kick this up a notch now, shall we???
I love bunnies, so this cute little carriage caught my eye!  I didn't buy it but I was tempted!
This sweet metal doll house was just like the one I had when I was little.  I remember licking stamps for a bunch of books to get to purchase this!  I can visualize walking out of the stamp store with this treasure...and I can even feel that feeling I had!  Funny how things can trigger such emotions!
I still love this find....
Years later....I think it is still such a cute chair!
And my treasure of all treasures....
Emma Claire!
I've told the story before but it goes like this....
My bestie and I were walking toward the horse barns....that is chockfull of vintage goodies!  I spotted "HER" immediately and told my friend, "I'm going over 'there'"...pointing in the direction I was already moving. 
I picked up the pace because nothing or no one was going to come between me and HER...
The man in the booth was a kind man but seemed to not be moving much of his stuff.  My heart was pumping but I tried....I said TRIED...not to act TOO eager.  LOL  I ended up getting HER and the stand thrown in.
She has been a wonderful model for my Plunder Design jewelry, as well.  Yup....I definitely SCORED with her! even though I missed this month's flea market, I feel a little better with sharing past treasures....And I know that there will be another next month!

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  1. March 1989, my bestie flew to Dallas to attend Canton 1st Monday Trade Days flea with me on Saturday. She had 3 kids, & it was so hard for her to get a weekend off to junk. We woke early Saturday to drive the 60 miles to Canton. An ice storm had dumped on us overnight. SO disappointing. Another year, she came to attend it in December to Christmas shop there. The roads were dry, but the wind chill stayed in the 20's all day - we went anyway. There were very few dealers as it was mostly outside. Your story brought back memories....Better luck next month!


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