Friday, January 13, 2017

The Most Magical Time of The Year

December was chockful of the most wonderful time with my kids!  For my grangirl's October birthday, I gave her a ticket to ride The Polar Express along with Gramma, her momma and daddy.

After church on Dec. 11, we changed into our jammies and left Knoxville and headed toward Bryson City, N.C. It only took about 2 1/2 hours to get there.  After parking, we walked through the tiny town toward the train station.  
We picked up our tickets and quickly found our train car which was in first class.  
Stepping up into the train, the magic quickly took us by surprise.  The train car was so beautiful!  We found our seats which had lots of wonderful goodies for us to enjoy.  
Once the train departed, everything became just as the Polar Express in the book and movie.  They read the story to us, sang, danced and served hot chocolate.  When we left the station it was light outside, but when we arrived at the North Pole, it was dark enough to enjoy all the Christmas lights.

  We even saw Santa on his sleigh, and he actually boarded the train, talked to all children, and present them with the first gift of the season....yup, a BELL from his sleigh!!!!  OMG it was so magical to watch this through my grangirl's eyes!  Her little finger followed every word as the book was read aloud, had the widest eyes when Santa talked to her, and the giggles and singing warmed my heart!  
It was an AMAZING time for all!  When we returned to the station and before we left the train, she hugged me and said, "This was the BEST birthday present ever, Gramma!"  Well, I melted into a puddle of goo.  LOL  Gosh, I love that sweet girl more than sunshine!

The rest of December was just as wonderful as I had dinner with my oldest son and his girlfriend, shopped with my bestie, enjoyed Christmas services at church, the Fantasy of Trees with my son, DIL, and grangirl, and had Christmas with my precious family...even if it was on the 29th and not the 25th! 
 It was great having my kids and their family/loves under my roof!  

I miss my sons not living at home anymore even after years of being on their own!  

I LOVE my family!  They are my world and Christmas was wonderful with them! 

To end the month, we enjoyed some time with my sister and all my extended family!

We celebrated my youngest great-niece's first birthday!  It was a Birthday ONEderland!

I rang in the new year at home with my pups, but it was a nice evening of relaxation.  I am truly blessed, and I thank God everyday for those blessings!


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    What a WONDERFUL gift for your grand daughter! She will always remember that good time with grammie.
    Have a great week,

  2. It was SO magical! I am so glad I found out about it and bought tickets!
    Thanks for stopping by!!


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