Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pretend It's November

Ok, I really don't want to go back in time, but in November, Emmy and I welcomed a new member to our little family.  Meet Lucy Lou!  She was also a rescue, so we were excited to have found this little cutie!  She was about 5 months when we met her on Veteran's Day night, which was a Friday.  She arrived with the lady that she had been with.  She was spunky and very curious.  She was also very loving!

I decided to meet her in my yard, without Emmy.  I wanted to have a neutral area, so Emmy didn't feel like she was invading her space right away.  I brought Emmy out to meet her in the yard, after I spent some time with her.  She had already been called Lucy, so I kept her name, as not to confuse her more!
At first, Emmy wasn't too sure about her.  There were days that Emmy tried to avoid her altogether.  She whimpered some the first night, and kept going to the front door.  But by the next day, it was like she had lived with us always!
We got to the vet that Monday, and began boosters and flea/tick prevention (which she already came with a bunch of fleas).  She had never been to a vet, but did very well.  As of today, she has been in our family for two months and one day.  She has been spayed and is attending doggy obedience classes with Emmy.
 I can't imagine life without her.
The girls are like sisters now!
What a precious gift that God gave to Emmy and me!  Our little family is now three!


  1. Lucy Lou is very sweet! A friend is involved in a rescue group and she put up a video at Facebook. 25 pups were rescued. We don't have our own dog now but our youngest daughter, who lost her lil rescue chihuahua also rescued Leo who is part Mastiff part Shepherd. He is quite the character. It is fun to have the around as they are so loyal and very lovable. even if they weigh 70 lbs. hee hee hee Enjoy your newest phamily member. Hugs

  2. Oh my goodness I sent before I wanted to. Your sweet furry phamily friends are so cute. They are such loyal and kind friends aren't they? I watch our oldest sons three dogs, small, medium and large. Bandit is the venerable old gent who turns 16 this April. He is a rat terrier. Smokey is a boxador and he is 8. Stella is the rescue and she is 8 too as best the vet could tell when she came to live with Jeremy nearly 9 years ago next month. She was very shy and skittish too, part blue heeler, part Shepherd. She is a real sweetheart. But they all get along well although we have so many wild rabbits and Leo and Stella have caught a couple last summer. I wish the rabbits moved somewhere else. We have a cat who turns 4 this year and our youngest son, who attends college in Kansas has a cat too. They all get along well for dogs and cats! Best of luck with these sweet gals you share your life with. Hugs

  3. Yes, furbabies are the BEST! They definitely are loyal and love unconditionally! Sounds like y'all have some special ones too in your family! Thanks for stopping by!


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