Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lovely Little Things

I have a HUGE love for little things!
And an especially HUGE love for lovely little things!
What do I consider, lovely little things, you ask? 
Well my beautiful lady's head in the above picture for one...simply lovely.
But let me show you more....
I adore vintage millinery flowers!  I created this little vase from beautiful old lace,
old jewelry parts and millinery flowers. 
Then, I stuck some -oh-so-perfect- little rosy flowers in the vase. 
Let's see some more...
I truly have a weakness for little Frozen Charlottes! 
Here are just a couple of these little lovelies that sit atop my dresser. 
They are paired with some tiny little lovely bottles....another weakness.

Frozen Charlottes and tiny bottles aren't the only things
that make me go weak in the knees...

I also have a soft spot for vintage pin cushions and
wind-up jewelry/powder boxes.
You've seen this little gem before,
but I MUST add it to the
"lovely little things" collection!
This is one of the most special little lovelies that I own,
not that it has a high value in price....but a high value in memories! 
I use to take this down, off of my mother's dresser,
as a child and wind it up to hear the lovely little tune! 
My Daddy bought this for my Mother,
and she knew just how precious this was to me. 
Before she got sick and passed,
she told me that she wanted me to go ahead and take this. 
I told her that I would some day, but she wanted me to take it then. 
No amount of money could ever make me part with this! 
It will go to my grangirl someday. 
It's pretty much the only little thing to pass on to her. 
Special things already mean a lot to her,
so I know she will treasure it just like I do!
Can you say "B-B-BLING"!?!?
None of these pieces are worth a whole lot,
but I sure love to collect old pieces...especially...
I have several lovely little clocks that don't work
but they are just too darn cute to part with!
And since this post is about LOVELY LITTLE things...
And even those these aren't "things", I would be remiss if I didn't add these...
who, by the way, if you didn't know,

Some LOVELY...
LITTLE pups...
Emmy Rose
Lucy Lou

So what lovely little things do you have?
I'd love to hear all about them!

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  1. I love all the pretty little things you're sharing here, especially the pincushion and the heart pins. Your Mother's music box is very special, and your little granddaughter will certainly treasure it, especially with that lovely story attached. Glad I came over here to visit from Jillian's party. Have a great day!

  2. Oh you have some lovely pretties!! So happy you got the music box when you did. Granddaughters are the best, I have two that are lights of my life. That pin cushion would look perfect in my sewing room!! Have a great day.


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